Top Vegan Restaurants in Nevada, USA

1. VegeNation, Henderson, Nevada $$

A community-based restaurant serving 100% plant-based food. They support small local businesses that make cheeses, beer, coffee, seasonal herbs, vegetables, etc. Needless to say that everything here is fresh and healthy. Dishes that we want to highlight from the menu are “bao wow”, “save the tuna”, “my little dumpling”, and “ramen time”. View VegeNation vegan restaurant menu here.

2. Veggie House, Las Vegas, Nevada $$

Highly rated Asian style restaurant based in West Side in Las Vegas. Probably all the 5-star reviews stand behind their innovative menu because here you can see all-vegan meats such as chicken, duck, beef, ribs, and even a veggie kidney! Besides, prices are affordable and portions are big, enough reasons not to skip this restaurant when in Vegas! Check out Veggie House’s vegan restaurant menu here.

3. Laughing Planet, Reno, Nevada $

“Local ingredients, global flavours”, is their quotation. All items on the menu are locally collected and fresh, but meals are international and tasty! The menu is rich with different food styles so you can find Mexican, Korean, French, Vietnamese, Thai and American dishes. We want to highlight that Laughing Planet contributes to the community and supports charity organizations, which you can find on their website. View Laughing Planet’s vegan restaurant menu here.

4. Veggy Street, Las Vegas, Nevada $

An endless menu, with endless options, where you’ll probably have a hard time deciding which item to take. Based on the reviews, you won’t regret whatever you take! All those “real meat-looking” burgers are 100% plant-based. It is one of the best-rated Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas. Luckily, this fast-food restaurant is expanding, and for now, they are at 3 different locations in Vegas. Explore Veggy Street’s vegan restaurant menu here.

5. POTs, Las Vegas, Nevada $

The only Egyptian restaurant in Las Vegas, with Egyptian vegan street food. If you aren’t sure what Egyptian dishes look like, and which item you should pick, try out Koshari, Ful Mudammas, Taamia and Egyptian French Fries. For people that are comfortable with more familiar dishes, they can find here hummus and falafels. View POTs’ vegan restaurant menu here.

6.  Thailicious, Henderson, Nevada $$

Thailicious offers an enviable Thai Vegan menu since it is not a fully vegan restaurant. With more than 40 vegan dishes, you can find anything from delicious starters and soups to vegan curries and pan-fried noodles. There’s also a Vegan Ala Carte menu, mostly based on tofu combined with Eastern flavours. Check out Thailicious’s vegan restaurant menu here.

7. Ike’s Love & Sandwiches, Reno, Nevada $$

A delicious sandwich bar, offering more than 10 different Vegan sandwiches. In each sandwich, there is a different meat substitute like meatballs, fried chicken, turkey, steak, and ham. You can build your own sandwich, or choose one from the non-vegan menu, and they will make it vegan for you! Explore Ike’s Love & Sandwiches vegan restaurant menu here.

8. Violette’s Vegan Cafe & Organic Juice Bar, Las Vegas, Nevada $$

This vegan place specializes in smoothies, healthy juices and making nutritious 100% plant-based food. All ingredients are picked up locally and all dishes are made from scratch! So on each dish, they have their signature on flavours they played with. There is a long a la carte menu offering delicious starters, salads, burgers, sandwiches and wraps. Breakfasts during the week and brunch during the weekend are recommended. Check out Violette’s Vegan Cafe & Organic Juice Bar vegan restaurant menu here.

9. VeggiEAT Xpress, Henderson, Nevada $$

VeggieEat is operating at two different locations, in Henderson and in Las Vegas, with takeaway and dine-in options. It is 100% vegan, where meat is made of soy and pea protein and wheat, in order to make it nutritious and provide a look-alike texture. The most popular dishes are vegan sushi, dumplings, as well as the beef sandwich. View VeggiEat Xpress’s vegan restaurant menu here.

10. Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant, Las Vegas, Nevada $$

Described as the most unique Vegan Asian restaurant in Las Vegas, where all traditional dishes have a vegan interpretation. You can easily lose yourself in their rich menu, where you can find vegan meat, shrimps, scallops, sushi and fish! The 3 most recommended dishes are Vegan Crispy Beef, House Chow Mein and Vegan Sushi Rolls. Explore Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant menu here.

Best Restaurants with Vegan options in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

1. EnVie A Vegan Kitchen $$$

A mixture of everything! EnVie offers soups, junk food, Asian food, salad meals, wraps, burgers, sweets, organic and gluten-free food items – literally everything for everyone’s taste! It is a bit pricey, and for some meals, you have items that come at an additional cost, but be sure that this will be your favourite vegan place. The combination of flavours and creativity of each plate is worth visiting! View EnVie A Vegan Kitchens vegan restaurant menu here.

2. Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar $$

If you want healthy take-out food, this is the place! Everything here is fresh, collected locally, and made at the restaurant. The food is already prepared and waiting for you in the “Grab n Go” fridge (as they call it), which is filled with salads, sandwiches, soups, and desserts. Also, there is a variety of fresh cold-pressed juices packed in glass bottles with restaurant labels. If you are a food “junky”, there are burgers and wraps, which you can spice up with some of the additional add-ons. Check out Wild Leek Food & Juice Bars menu here.

3. Springhouse Market $$

At first, this is a market that offers plenty of different vegan products on its shelves. But if you look closer, you can see their amazing food menu and all varieties they have, which many restaurants can learn from! You can enjoy fresh salads, burgers, wraps, tacos, bowls, burritos, soups, paninis’ and desserts. Explore Springhouse Markets vegan restaurant menu here.

4. Heartwood $$

Heartwood restaurant has two locations – one in Quinpool and one by the sea. It offers a diverse menu with many vegan, vegetarian, organic and gluten-free options. Veggie burgers and bowls are the most recommended dishes in Heartwood, which also offers brunch menus during the weekend from 10:00-15:00. You can also try out their organic tea and coffee, as well as delicious smoothies and fresh juices. View Heartwoods vegan restaurant menu here.

5. The Wooden Monkey $$

Although this is not a fully vegan place, it offers many delicious vegan and gluten-free options. It offers a spacious dining area and a beautiful ambiance, right beside the port with a Seaview. Vegan tofu chocolate pie is widely recommended as a must-try here. The restaurant makes various events here and offers group menus where you can hang out with your friends in the evening. Check out The Wooden Monkeys vegan restaurant menu here.

6. Mary’s African Cuisine $

An interesting place with a 30-year-old tradition of African cuisine. There’s a separate menu that offers only vegan and vegetarian dishes. At very affordable prices you get plenty of food on your plate, which is fulfilled with exotic tastes. Vegan stews are recommended here, as well as the grilled veggie omelette wrap for breakfast. Explore Mary’s African Cuisine’s restaurant menu here.

7. Mezza Lebanese Kitchen $

Who doesn’t like Lebanese cuisine? Mostly, because you can always find vegan dishes! The same goes for Mezza, offering Gourmet Falafel and Lebanese veggie plate as top-rated meals. Of course, they offer all the goodies of Lebanese vegan cuisine such as Tabouleh, Hummus with Pita, freshly made salads and tahini spread. The concept of Mezza is fast food, self-service restaurant with indoor dining, you can find more than 10 Mezza restaurants throughout Canada, where you can eat good vegan food. View Mezza Lebanese Kitchens menu here.

8. Indochine Banh Mi $$

This Asian restaurant focuses mostly on Vietnamese cuisine. It has a few vegan dishes on the menu, however all the meat dishes they offer, you can replace with tofu and make it vegan. Therefore, you can have Pho vegan soup with organic tofu, phorritos, fusion salad box and fusion tacos, all as vegan options. In case you like bubble tea, here you can find many different flavours combined together as you wish. Check out Indochine Banh Mi restaurant menu here.

9. The Nook $$

Espresso bar and lounge, working every day from 9:00-16:00, which makes it a perfect place for breakfast or a coffee break. They offer a full vegan menu, which is kind of a “brunch style” menu, so you can find dishes like vegan wrap, vegan breakfast with coconut bacon and tofu egg, guacamole, nachos and vegan replacement for club sandwich, called “Vegan Mama’s Club”. Check out The Nooks restaurant menu here.

10. Stone Pizza $$

Last but not least – Pizza! We couldn’t finish this list without adding the most favourite “junky food” item, such as pizza. Stone Pizza offers about five different fully Vegan pizzas such as Vegan Pepperoni, Garlic Fingers, Vegan Mozzarella or you can build your vegan pizza if you like. If you want to spice up your “junky experience”, try out their delicious selection of ciders. View Stone Pizza’s restaurant menu here.

Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in California

California is a real jewel among Vegan food lovers. We will take you on a very special vegan journey through the whole all of California, as we’ve selected the highest-rated and best Vegan restaurants for all types of Vegan food lovers.

1. My Vegan Restaurant, Pasadena, California $$
My Vegan restaurant offers substitutes for all kinds of meat – from beef to chicken. It is an Asian fusion restaurant and their a la carte menu has a really wide range of different options for all tastes and preferences. Fans of Thai food will love this restaurant, but you can try out other vegan options dishes such as hash brownies, tofu scrambled eggs or vegan carbonara. Trust us when we say you’ll be back for seconds. View My Vegan Restaurant’s vegan menu here.

2. Crossroads Kitchen, Los Angeles, California $$$
Crossroads kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants among vegan lovers. It is a bit pricey, but it offers a wide range of vegan dishes and a pleasant atmosphere inside the restaurant. The most popular dishes are tagliatelle bolognese, truffle potatoes, lasagnas and meatball pizza. All dishes are nicely presented and provide a really sophisticated touch, which makes the bit higher prices a little more understandable. View Crossroads Kitchen vegan menu here.

3. Lotus Vegan, North Hollywood, California $$
Lotus Vegan offers an American type of cuisine with some organic ingredients. It has a lot of different meat substitutes. You’ll love the delicious vegan chicken wings picture above. They don’t use GMO products or white sugar at all in their dishes so you will get a healthy meal at decent prices. Be aware that they don’t work on Mondays. View Lotus Vegan’s vegan menu here.

4. Merit Vegan Restaurant, Sunnyvale, California $$
This vegan restaurant is inspired by Indian and Chinese cuisine. It offers big and delicious vegan portions. All dishes are healthy and plant-based. Merit Vegan restaurant takes care and raises awareness about social and environmental responsibility. Not only is their food great, but they have also won many awards for being the best restaurant in the area. View Merit Vegan Restaurant’s vegan menu here.

5. Souley Vegan, Oakland, California $$
Souley Vegan offers Louisiana-style food and is a great option for vegan fast food lovers. Also, don’t miss trying out the desserts you won’t regret it.  The owners have been in the “vegan game” for a long time which is why their combination of flavours and spices are so on point. If you are more of a brunch person, Souly Vegan offers a rich brunch every Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM. You can also find Souley Vegan in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. View Souley Vegans vegan menu here.

6. The Happy Hooligans, San Jose, California $$
Here you can find all kinds of vegan meals, whether you want to eat healthily or you are more into fast food. The Happy Hooligans have a few locations in California including San Jose, Berkley and Santa Clara. This vegan restaurant takes care of its customers and you can often get good discounts or free drinks, depending on their seasonal actions. View Happy Hooligans vegan menu here.

7. Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurant, San Diego, California $$
The main focus in this restaurant is on Thai cuisine. Although it has some vegetarian options, it is highly rated by vegan lovers. They also provide gluten-free dishes. Don’t miss their wide range of vegan ice cream. Plumeria Restaurant uses organic non-GMO and gluten-free tofu and soy milk that is locally produced. With something for everyone, this place deserves a visit from anyone looking to experience great vegan food. View Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurants menu here.

8. Seabirds Kitchen, Long Beach, California $$
Seabirds Kitchen is inspired by seasonal vegan small plates, such as tacos, all kinds of entrees and desserts. They use locally grown foods and vegetables. It is recommended to try their seasonal plates, as they always experiment with new tastes and vegan cooking techniques. View Seabirds Kitchens’vegan menu here.

9. Mesa Verde Restaurant, Santa Barbara, California $$
Mesa Verda is a fully plant-based restaurant with many gluten-free options. They offer creative vegan bites such as squash blossom quesadilla, fried mushroom sandwich and mushroom umami burger. During the weekends you can enjoy in delicious vegan brunch that is sure to satisfy you for the rest of the day. View Mesa Verde Restaurant’s vegan menu here.

10. Bliss Cafe, San Luis Obispo, California $$
Bliss Cafe offers all kinds of vegan food using local ingredients and also offers many gluten-free options. The most popular dishes on their menu are burritos and veggie hot dogs. They also offer a comfortable ambience and provides live music events on the regular. View Bliss Cafe’s vegan menu here.

Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in British Columbia

Being vegan is tough, but it’s getting better all the time with new restaurants offering more and more healthy plant-based options. If you want to taste some really delicious vegan food, we have sourced out for you the best vegan restaurants across British Columbia. Whether you are a healthy and organic food lover, or a vegan “junk food” lover, there are many options for you below.

1. Virtuous Pie, Vancouver, BC $$
Who knew vegan pizza could be so good! Virtuous Pie is a highly rated vegan restaurant based mostly on Italian cuisine, focusing mainly on pizza pies. It is suitable for vegans, but it also offers a variety of organic, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes too. Virtuous Pie has a second location in Victoria, British Columbia and also has a restaurant in Portland, Oregon. View Virtuous Pie’s vegan menu here.

2. The Very Good Butchers, Victoria, BC $$
The name says it all – a restaurant for true Vegan foodies, and “junk food” lovers. On the menu, you can find all types of “meaty” foods made entirely from plants. They have everything you could want, from tacos, burgers and hot dogs to delicious salads. You can also buy “butchered” vegan meat to go such as vegan burgers, steaks and hot dogs produced by them every day. View The Very Good Butchers’ vegan menu here.

3. Rawthentic Eatery, Courtenay, BC $$
Rawthentic Eatery is based on vegan raw food, which offers vegan burgers, wraps, noodles and tacos. Try out their warm bowls and soups, which are their trademark. They also offer a wide range of fresh juices and healthy smoothies that are sure to keep you coming back for more. View Rawthentic Eatery’s vegan menu here.

4. Eve Olive, Nanaimo, BC $$
Eve Olive is highly rated by Vegan lovers, because it offers all the long-missed flavours, such as vegan bbq, soups, vegan cheese, ravioli, soups and delicious desserts. If you are thirsty, they also offer a wide range of local wines and beers. Kindly note that this restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. View Eve Olive’s vegan menu here.

5. Roots Modern Health Food, Castlegar, BC $$
The name says it all, going back to the roots, meaning – healthy, vegan and raw. They are buying whole foods from local producers in order to provide always fresh ingredients with convenient origins. Everything on the menu has interesting textures and colourful plates all of which have become trademark aspects of this vegan restaurant. View Roots Modern Health Food’s vegan menu here.

6. Plantitude, Ladysmith, BC $$
Plantitude is a 100% plant-based restaurant. All ingredients are collected locally, as well as drinks from local wineries and breweries. Their desserts are super tasty and come highly recommended. You also can’t go wrong with any of their signature dishes. Plantitude is situated in a very nice location and has a very pleasant ambience. They have a plan of making stargazer bubbles for outdoor private dining under the sky, which you can check on their website for availability. View Plantitude’s vegan menu here.

7. Naked Cafe, Kelowna, BC $$
In Naked Cafe you will find all meals 100% plant-based. They offer a variety of different meals, such as salads or vegan meat, even oil-free dishes. There are more than 25 gluten-free dishes on the menu, seasonal soup and desserts are a must-try in Naked Cafe. During the weekend, you can enjoy in their vegan brunch with your friends. View Naked Cafe’s vegan menu here.

8. Sprout Plant Based Eatery, Nelson, BC $$
Sprout Plant-Based Eatery offers a fusion of all types of cuisines – from Greek “souvlaki” to Asian and American food classics. Dishes are colourful, rich in flavour and texture. You can accompany them with their fresh smoothies and cocktails. View Sprout Plant Based Eatery’s vegan menu here.

9. Green Moustache Organic Cafe, Squamish, BC $$
A 100% plant-based, gluten-free, organic, healthy restaurant that offers fresh ingredients and tasty meals. They offer healthy and large size breakfast bowls, you can also try out hot bowls, wraps and salads. Not only do they have tons of amazing and tasty vegan dishes, but their smoothies and desserts are also a must if you plan to visit Green Moustache any time soon. View Green Moustache Organic Cafe’s vegan menu here.

10. Lotus Seed Vegan, Vancouver, BC $$
If you’re in Vancouver you have to try Lotus Seed Vegan restaurant which offers a wide array of international food, with a hint of Asian fusion. The vegan omelettes come highly recommended if you’re in the mood for breakfast. All dishes are healthy and very nourishing, and most of them are gluten-free. They also offer their own vegan products that you can buy at the restaurant and prepare at your home. View Lotus Seed Vegan’s vegan menu here.

Top Vegan Restaurants in New York City

New York City is not only high-rise buildings, business tycoons, flashing lights and beautiful Broadway performances. To call the big apple the vegan’s heaven would be a massive understatement, it is their paradise. In this paradise, there are thousands of vegan restaurants. Needless to say, only a few grab the brass ring and deserve to be called the best.  Here are the top 10 New York City vegan restaurants.

1. Blossom on University
This gorgeous Kosher-certified vegan restaurant offers New Yorkers a huge buffet of vegan dishes and wines for their nourishment. Its spacious indoor dining space is adorned with beautiful lights, marble tables, and a bar offering a memorable dining experience. While this restaurant offers a takeout, customers can place an order from below 48th street in Manhattan. View Blossom on University’s vegan menu here.

2. Black Flamingo
Established in 2015, Black Flamingo is a combination of taqueria cocteleria, and danceteria mixed with creativity in equal proportions. What more can New Yorkers ask for than a restaurant that offers nutritious plant-based prepared with superior technology. The use of cutting-edge by experienced chefs ensures that the food not only tastes good but also remains nutritious. Menus include tostones, the asada, hongo, tostadas and Tex Mex Buritto. View Black Flamingo’s vegan menu here.

3. Ginger Root Vegan
The Ginger Root Vegan is your one-stop center for intercontinental vegan food. For homemade lactose-free iced drinks, fruit juice, soba noodles and pad thai look no further than this restaurant. The business opens between the hours of 11:30 and 22:30 except on Sundays it open between 12:30 and 22:30. View Giner Root Vegan’s vegan menu here.

Peacefood as their name implies is dedicated to spreading world peace one vegan dish at a time. This vegan restaurant and bakery offer customers a wide assortment of nutritious, delicious plant-based delicacies. From chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, to strawberry shortcakes and the famous carrot cake, peacefood is the place to be. View Peacefood’s vegan menu here.

5. Le Botaniste
La Botaniste is driven by the age-long philosophy that plant-based diets are necessary for healthy living. With other locations in Brussels and Ghent, this vegan restaurant opens from 11 am to 9 pm every day. Customers are served plant-only diets like soups, mezze and salad on ceramics like its 18th century Japan. Each menu contains proven medicinal herbs served in a serene and peaceful environment. View Le Botaniste’s vegan menu here.

6. Seasoned Vegan
Located at 55 St Nicholas Avenue Harlem New York, this black-owned business is a vegans paradise. The business opens between the hours of 5 and 10 pm on weekdays, and between 1 pm to 10 pm on Saturdays. Customers enjoy a wide variety of spicy vegan cuisine specially formulated to please their souls through their tastebuds. The business offers catering services and various vegan items for sale through its website. View Seasoned Vegan’s vegan menu here.

7. The Butcher’s Daughter
Avocado toast, Rueben sandwich, boasting cabbage just to mention a few are all for grabs in the butcher’s daughter. Contrary to what the name suggests, every available cuisine is prepared with plant-based ingredients and vegetables. Customers can book reservations and make orders online through their website. View The Butcher’s Daughter’s vegan menu here.

8. Roast Kitchen
Roast Kitchen have been able to successfully prove that vegans are not missing out on soul-nourishing delicacies. Customers have the option of customizing their vegan diet or rely on well-experienced chefs for a treat. Experience the unspeakable joy of eating basmati rice with assorted vegetables and Ginger Scallion Sauce. View Roast Kitchen’s vegan menu here.

9. By Chloe
By Chloe restaurant features specially made menus like Quinoa Taco, the guac burger, Marc n cheez, and peanut crunch. Customers have access to an assortment of vegan dishes through the restaurant’s app. But why order from home when their restaurant is home away from home. View By Chloe’s vegan menu here.

10. Benares
This Indian restaurant is named after the City of Benares in India. While this restaurant is not wholly vegan, a distinct vegan menu is available for our “herbivorous friends”. Cuisines like saag, aloo gobi, aloo baingan, maah ki dal are all for grabs. View Benares’s vegan menu here.

It takes discipline to switch to plant-based diets. The least we could do to encourage sustainable living is to provide a huge repository of vegan restaurants. Visit to select any of these restaurants and more.


Top Vegan Burgers in Toronto

You may want to reconsider your stance if you think burgers without animal products are boring and tasteless. The city of Toronto boasts of a great number of chefs that have mastered the art of making vegan burgers. Getting your hands on some of these burgers may activate the vegetarian side you never thought existed. This perhaps explains the steep rise in plant-based burgers in Toronto over the last few decades. Below are the top ten vegan burgers to end your search for delicious burgers in Hogtown.

1. Planta Burger
Whetting customers’ appetite with delicious plant-based burgers is the forte of Planta Burger. Located at 4 Temperance Street, Toronto, Planta Burger is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality burgers. Planta Burger opens every day of the week excluding Sundays. Their services can be accessed between the hours of 11:30 am and 9 pm. Customers can choose from Classic, Kentucky, Califonia, Southwest Banh Mi and Truffle Burgers. View Planta Burger’s vegan burger menu options here.

2. The Hogtown Vegan on College
This top-notch plant-based restaurant burger shop boasts some of the most fantastic burgers you can find anywhere in Canada. Located at 382 College St, Toronto, this bugger shop is open for take-out only. The high demand for their premium burger is a testament that vegans are not missing out on mouth-watering buggers. View The Hogtown Vegan on College’s vegan burger menu options here.

3. Union Social Eatery
Union Social Eatery boasts of some of the most expansive cocktails and menus in Canada. Their delicious West Coast Veggie Burger stands out from their assorted menus like the moon at night. The West Coast Veggie Burger is a recipient of several awards making it the delight of vegans and non-vegans. Customers can book a reservation for parties or enjoy a quiet time in their modest eatery. View Union Social Eatery’s vegan burger menu options here.

4. Globally Local
With several other outlets across Canada, Globally Local has its headquarters on 492 College Street, Toronto. Now known as Odd Burger, this plant-based burger shop offers premium services every day of the week. Globally Local opens between the hours of 11 am and 8 pm on Mondays to Fridays. Customers are however restricted to the hours between 10 am and 9 pm on weekends. View Globally Local’s vegan burger menu options here.

5. Parka food co
Parka Food Co is your one-stop center for artificial preservative-free, plant-based and gluten-free burgers. Parka Food Co’s strict adherence to environmentally sustainable production processes establishes it as an industry leader. A bite from their burger filled with GMO-free ingredients served on a wheat bun will keep you craving for more. View Parka Food Co’s vegan burger menu options here.

6. The Burger’s Priest
The Burger’s priest introduced their first-ever plant-based burger called the Daniel Burger some few years ago. The Daniel burger is made by experienced chefs with proven expertise in combining animal-free ingredients for a yummy result. A secrete combination of specially selected spices, vegetables and herbs make the Daniel Burger one of the best in Toronto. View The Burger’s Priest’s vegan burger menu options here.

7. LOV
LOV is a fully vegan restaurant located at 620 King St West suite 102 Toronto Canada. Their big LOV burger has nothing but soul-nourishing sweetness for customers. Prepared with specially made sauce and vegan mozzarella, this veggie cheeseburger is packed with healthy non-diary nutrients. Customers can either make reservations online or take advantage of their fast delivery for home service. View LOV’s vegan burgers menu options here.

8. Fresh Restaurants
Fresh restaurants have been nourishing Canadians with plant-based food since 1999. Their soft, creamy, and energizing Cheeseburger can be ordered through their website or app every day of the week. Get the best of Fresh Restaurant’s cheeseburger by adding their fresh juice to the menu.View Fresh Restaurants vegan burger menu options here.

9. Hero Certified Burgers
Located on 100 Queen St Toronto, Hero Certified Burgers is one of the latest entrants into the plant-based burger game. Garnished with portobello mushrooms, lettuce, sauteed onions specially served on a multigrain bun, Hero Certified Burgers is one of Toronto’s best. View Hero Certified Burgers vegan burger menu options here.

10. Doomie’s
Doomie’s burgers are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients from plant sources. Customers enjoy free parking on their facilities from Mondays to Thursdays of every week. You may check their social media handles to place your order as their website is nothing to write home about. View Doomies’s vegan burger menu options here.

While vegan buggers are full of calories, you need not panic, plant-based calories are healthy. Check out for more information on the top vegan burgers the beautiful city of Toronto has to offer