Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in California

California is a real jewel among Vegan food lovers. We will take you on a very special vegan journey through the whole all of California, as we’ve selected the highest-rated and best Vegan restaurants for all types of Vegan food lovers.

1. My Vegan Restaurant, Pasadena, California $$
My Vegan restaurant offers substitutes for all kinds of meat – from beef to chicken. It is an Asian fusion restaurant and their a la carte menu has a really wide range of different options for all tastes and preferences. Fans of Thai food will love this restaurant, but you can try out other vegan options dishes such as hash brownies, tofu scrambled eggs or vegan carbonara. Trust us when we say you’ll be back for seconds. View My Vegan Restaurant’s vegan menu here.

2. Crossroads Kitchen, Los Angeles, California $$$
Crossroads kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants among vegan lovers. It is a bit pricey, but it offers a wide range of vegan dishes and a pleasant atmosphere inside the restaurant. The most popular dishes are tagliatelle bolognese, truffle potatoes, lasagnas and meatball pizza. All dishes are nicely presented and provide a really sophisticated touch, which makes the bit higher prices a little more understandable. View Crossroads Kitchen vegan menu here.

3. Lotus Vegan, North Hollywood, California $$
Lotus Vegan offers an American type of cuisine with some organic ingredients. It has a lot of different meat substitutes. You’ll love the delicious vegan chicken wings picture above. They don’t use GMO products or white sugar at all in their dishes so you will get a healthy meal at decent prices. Be aware that they don’t work on Mondays. View Lotus Vegan’s vegan menu here.

4. Merit Vegan Restaurant, Sunnyvale, California $$
This vegan restaurant is inspired by Indian and Chinese cuisine. It offers big and delicious vegan portions. All dishes are healthy and plant-based. Merit Vegan restaurant takes care and raises awareness about social and environmental responsibility. Not only is their food great, but they have also won many awards for being the best restaurant in the area. View Merit Vegan Restaurant’s vegan menu here.

5. Souley Vegan, Oakland, California $$
Souley Vegan offers Louisiana-style food and is a great option for vegan fast food lovers. Also, don’t miss trying out the desserts you won’t regret it.  The owners have been in the “vegan game” for a long time which is why their combination of flavours and spices are so on point. If you are more of a brunch person, Souly Vegan offers a rich brunch every Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM. You can also find Souley Vegan in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. View Souley Vegans vegan menu here.

6. The Happy Hooligans, San Jose, California $$
Here you can find all kinds of vegan meals, whether you want to eat healthily or you are more into fast food. The Happy Hooligans have a few locations in California including San Jose, Berkley and Santa Clara. This vegan restaurant takes care of its customers and you can often get good discounts or free drinks, depending on their seasonal actions. View Happy Hooligans vegan menu here.

7. Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurant, San Diego, California $$
The main focus in this restaurant is on Thai cuisine. Although it has some vegetarian options, it is highly rated by vegan lovers. They also provide gluten-free dishes. Don’t miss their wide range of vegan ice cream. Plumeria Restaurant uses organic non-GMO and gluten-free tofu and soy milk that is locally produced. With something for everyone, this place deserves a visit from anyone looking to experience great vegan food. View Plumeria Vegetarian Restaurants menu here.

8. Seabirds Kitchen, Long Beach, California $$
Seabirds Kitchen is inspired by seasonal vegan small plates, such as tacos, all kinds of entrees and desserts. They use locally grown foods and vegetables. It is recommended to try their seasonal plates, as they always experiment with new tastes and vegan cooking techniques. View Seabirds Kitchens’vegan menu here.

9. Mesa Verde Restaurant, Santa Barbara, California $$
Mesa Verda is a fully plant-based restaurant with many gluten-free options. They offer creative vegan bites such as squash blossom quesadilla, fried mushroom sandwich and mushroom umami burger. During the weekends you can enjoy in delicious vegan brunch that is sure to satisfy you for the rest of the day. View Mesa Verde Restaurant’s vegan menu here.

10. Bliss Cafe, San Luis Obispo, California $$
Bliss Cafe offers all kinds of vegan food using local ingredients and also offers many gluten-free options. The most popular dishes on their menu are burritos and veggie hot dogs. They also offer a comfortable ambience and provides live music events on the regular. View Bliss Cafe’s vegan menu here.