Best Restaurants with Vegan options in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

1. EnVie A Vegan Kitchen $$$

A mixture of everything! EnVie offers soups, junk food, Asian food, salad meals, wraps, burgers, sweets, organic and gluten-free food items – literally everything for everyone’s taste! It is a bit pricey, and for some meals, you have items that come at an additional cost, but be sure that this will be your favourite vegan place. The combination of flavours and creativity of each plate is worth visiting! View EnVie A Vegan Kitchens vegan restaurant menu here.

2. Wild Leek Food & Juice Bar $$

If you want healthy take-out food, this is the place! Everything here is fresh, collected locally, and made at the restaurant. The food is already prepared and waiting for you in the “Grab n Go” fridge (as they call it), which is filled with salads, sandwiches, soups, and desserts. Also, there is a variety of fresh cold-pressed juices packed in glass bottles with restaurant labels. If you are a food “junky”, there are burgers and wraps, which you can spice up with some of the additional add-ons. Check out Wild Leek Food & Juice Bars menu here.

3. Springhouse Market $$

At first, this is a market that offers plenty of different vegan products on its shelves. But if you look closer, you can see their amazing food menu and all varieties they have, which many restaurants can learn from! You can enjoy fresh salads, burgers, wraps, tacos, bowls, burritos, soups, paninis’ and desserts. Explore Springhouse Markets vegan restaurant menu here.

4. Heartwood $$

Heartwood restaurant has two locations – one in Quinpool and one by the sea. It offers a diverse menu with many vegan, vegetarian, organic and gluten-free options. Veggie burgers and bowls are the most recommended dishes in Heartwood, which also offers brunch menus during the weekend from 10:00-15:00. You can also try out their organic tea and coffee, as well as delicious smoothies and fresh juices. View Heartwoods vegan restaurant menu here.

5. The Wooden Monkey $$

Although this is not a fully vegan place, it offers many delicious vegan and gluten-free options. It offers a spacious dining area and a beautiful ambiance, right beside the port with a Seaview. Vegan tofu chocolate pie is widely recommended as a must-try here. The restaurant makes various events here and offers group menus where you can hang out with your friends in the evening. Check out The Wooden Monkeys vegan restaurant menu here.

6. Mary’s African Cuisine $

An interesting place with a 30-year-old tradition of African cuisine. There’s a separate menu that offers only vegan and vegetarian dishes. At very affordable prices you get plenty of food on your plate, which is fulfilled with exotic tastes. Vegan stews are recommended here, as well as the grilled veggie omelette wrap for breakfast. Explore Mary’s African Cuisine’s restaurant menu here.

7. Mezza Lebanese Kitchen $

Who doesn’t like Lebanese cuisine? Mostly, because you can always find vegan dishes! The same goes for Mezza, offering Gourmet Falafel and Lebanese veggie plate as top-rated meals. Of course, they offer all the goodies of Lebanese vegan cuisine such as Tabouleh, Hummus with Pita, freshly made salads and tahini spread. The concept of Mezza is fast food, self-service restaurant with indoor dining, you can find more than 10 Mezza restaurants throughout Canada, where you can eat good vegan food. View Mezza Lebanese Kitchens menu here.

8. Indochine Banh Mi $$

This Asian restaurant focuses mostly on Vietnamese cuisine. It has a few vegan dishes on the menu, however all the meat dishes they offer, you can replace with tofu and make it vegan. Therefore, you can have Pho vegan soup with organic tofu, phorritos, fusion salad box and fusion tacos, all as vegan options. In case you like bubble tea, here you can find many different flavours combined together as you wish. Check out Indochine Banh Mi restaurant menu here.

9. The Nook $$

Espresso bar and lounge, working every day from 9:00-16:00, which makes it a perfect place for breakfast or a coffee break. They offer a full vegan menu, which is kind of a “brunch style” menu, so you can find dishes like vegan wrap, vegan breakfast with coconut bacon and tofu egg, guacamole, nachos and vegan replacement for club sandwich, called “Vegan Mama’s Club”. Check out The Nooks restaurant menu here.

10. Stone Pizza $$

Last but not least – Pizza! We couldn’t finish this list without adding the most favourite “junky food” item, such as pizza. Stone Pizza offers about five different fully Vegan pizzas such as Vegan Pepperoni, Garlic Fingers, Vegan Mozzarella or you can build your vegan pizza if you like. If you want to spice up your “junky experience”, try out their delicious selection of ciders. View Stone Pizza’s restaurant menu here.