Top Vegan Restaurants in Nevada, USA

1. VegeNation, Henderson, Nevada $$

A community-based restaurant serving 100% plant-based food. They support small local businesses that make cheeses, beer, coffee, seasonal herbs, vegetables, etc. Needless to say that everything here is fresh and healthy. Dishes that we want to highlight from the menu are “bao wow”, “save the tuna”, “my little dumpling”, and “ramen time”. View VegeNation vegan restaurant menu here.

2. Veggie House, Las Vegas, Nevada $$

Highly rated Asian style restaurant based in West Side in Las Vegas. Probably all the 5-star reviews stand behind their innovative menu because here you can see all-vegan meats such as chicken, duck, beef, ribs, and even a veggie kidney! Besides, prices are affordable and portions are big, enough reasons not to skip this restaurant when in Vegas! Check out Veggie House’s vegan restaurant menu here.

3. Laughing Planet, Reno, Nevada $

“Local ingredients, global flavours”, is their quotation. All items on the menu are locally collected and fresh, but meals are international and tasty! The menu is rich with different food styles so you can find Mexican, Korean, French, Vietnamese, Thai and American dishes. We want to highlight that Laughing Planet contributes to the community and supports charity organizations, which you can find on their website. View Laughing Planet’s vegan restaurant menu here.

4. Veggy Street, Las Vegas, Nevada $

An endless menu, with endless options, where you’ll probably have a hard time deciding which item to take. Based on the reviews, you won’t regret whatever you take! All those “real meat-looking” burgers are 100% plant-based. It is one of the best-rated Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas. Luckily, this fast-food restaurant is expanding, and for now, they are at 3 different locations in Vegas. Explore Veggy Street’s vegan restaurant menu here.

5. POTs, Las Vegas, Nevada $

The only Egyptian restaurant in Las Vegas, with Egyptian vegan street food. If you aren’t sure what Egyptian dishes look like, and which item you should pick, try out Koshari, Ful Mudammas, Taamia and Egyptian French Fries. For people that are comfortable with more familiar dishes, they can find here hummus and falafels. View POTs’ vegan restaurant menu here.

6.  Thailicious, Henderson, Nevada $$

Thailicious offers an enviable Thai Vegan menu since it is not a fully vegan restaurant. With more than 40 vegan dishes, you can find anything from delicious starters and soups to vegan curries and pan-fried noodles. There’s also a Vegan Ala Carte menu, mostly based on tofu combined with Eastern flavours. Check out Thailicious’s vegan restaurant menu here.

7. Ike’s Love & Sandwiches, Reno, Nevada $$

A delicious sandwich bar, offering more than 10 different Vegan sandwiches. In each sandwich, there is a different meat substitute like meatballs, fried chicken, turkey, steak, and ham. You can build your own sandwich, or choose one from the non-vegan menu, and they will make it vegan for you! Explore Ike’s Love & Sandwiches vegan restaurant menu here.

8. Violette’s Vegan Cafe & Organic Juice Bar, Las Vegas, Nevada $$

This vegan place specializes in smoothies, healthy juices and making nutritious 100% plant-based food. All ingredients are picked up locally and all dishes are made from scratch! So on each dish, they have their signature on flavours they played with. There is a long a la carte menu offering delicious starters, salads, burgers, sandwiches and wraps. Breakfasts during the week and brunch during the weekend are recommended. Check out Violette’s Vegan Cafe & Organic Juice Bar vegan restaurant menu here.

9. VeggiEAT Xpress, Henderson, Nevada $$

VeggieEat is operating at two different locations, in Henderson and in Las Vegas, with takeaway and dine-in options. It is 100% vegan, where meat is made of soy and pea protein and wheat, in order to make it nutritious and provide a look-alike texture. The most popular dishes are vegan sushi, dumplings, as well as the beef sandwich. View VeggiEat Xpress’s vegan restaurant menu here.

10. Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant, Las Vegas, Nevada $$

Described as the most unique Vegan Asian restaurant in Las Vegas, where all traditional dishes have a vegan interpretation. You can easily lose yourself in their rich menu, where you can find vegan meat, shrimps, scallops, sushi and fish! The 3 most recommended dishes are Vegan Crispy Beef, House Chow Mein and Vegan Sushi Rolls. Explore Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant menu here.