Top 10 Restaurants with vegan options in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

We all know that sometimes it can be really difficult to find vegan restaurants in the sea of non-vegan ones. Therefore, here is a comprehensive guide on Winnipeg’s best vegan restaurants to help you enjoy your time in Winnipeg to a maximum.

Let’s have a look at our top 10 vegan restaurants in Winnipeg:

1. Nuburger

Nuburger serves you deliciousness packed in soft buns to upscale your Winnipeg dining experience to top-notch. The menu offers special veggie options for the restaurant’s vegetarian and vegan customers so that they don’t have to make it work by ordering only a handful of sides. However, their sides are bound to leave you licking your fingers too. Nuburger sources almost all its ingredients locally, and their mouthwatering sauces are all made in-house too; so, it’s a great burger place with unique taste and freshness oozing from its menu. Find Nuburger’s vegan restaurant menu here.

2. The Merchant Kitchen

Do you like travelling and good food? You should try The Merchant Kitchen! Inspired by the idea of travel and adventure, The Merchant Kitchen brings you flavoursome cuisines from around the world with a creative touch of its own.  The menu includes a combination of street food from Asia to Latin America to enhance your taste buds and offer you a unique and perfect dining experience. View The Merchant Kitchens vegan restaurant menu here.

3. Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria

Corrientes aims to offer you the authentic taste and freshness of Argentinian Pizza with a variety of delectable empanadas, pizzas, salads, drinks, and delightful desserts. The menu has a mixed variety but you can easily locate some tempting vegan and gluten-free options.  View Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria’s restaurant menu here.

4. Pizzeria Gusto

Pizzeria Gusto is the premium choice to enjoy Italian cuisine and a fine-dining experience. The restaurant aims to provide pizzas that may sound similar to others by name, but are sure to leave a mark of their own by taste. The lunch and dinner menus have a variety of meat and veggie pizzas, pasta, salad, and red and white wine. Check out Pizzeria Gusto’s restaurant menu here.

5. Deer + Almond

Deer + Almond is a perfect restaurant for those who want to try multi-cultural food while maintaining caution for their allergies and dietary routine. It has meat, vegetarian, and vegan options to cater to a wide number of customers. Call them in advance to ensure that your dietary needs are met, and enjoy a flavorful experience at the restaurant without any worries. Explore Deer + Almonds restaurant menu here.

6. Sizzling Dhaba

This Winnipeg restaurant acquaints you with the authentic taste of Indian cuisine while keeping in mind your dietary restrictions. Dhaba is a roadside restaurant that serves you the local flavour of India. Sizzling Dhaba has an array of vegan dishes to satisfy your taste buds and help you savour the ‘so very Indian’ taste. Check out Sizzling Dhaba’s restaurant menu here.

7. Green Carrot Juice Company

Winnipeg’s beloved juice company, Green Carrot, caters to your health needs and brings you tasteful and healthy natural juices and energizing drinks to upscale your living standards. Fresh juices, acai bowls, tasty snacks, salads, and smoothies – this is a great spot for grab-n-go. View Green Carrot Juice Company’s menu here.

8. Clementine

Clementine is a well-loved brunch cafe in downtown Winnipeg that offers delicacies for vegan, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians alike. The basement cafe has a breakfast and lunch menu with some tempting vegan offers to fulfill your cravings. The restaurant operates from Wednesday to Sunday. It’s a small space restaurant that’s almost always crowded so arrive early to get your food on time. View Clementine’s restaurant menu here. 

9. Moxie’s Grill & Bar

Moxie’s is the perfect place for casual dining and good food at a good price. Whether you want a burger, wrap, pasta, soups, or salad; Moxie’s vegan menu has very inviting options to choose from. View Moxies menu here.

10. Affinity Vegetarian Garden

Affinity Vegetarian Garden strives to provide an absolutely vegan menu to its customers. It’s a Taiwanese-Chinese restaurant that uses soy protein to create faux meat. It strives to deliver you flavorful & authentic Chinese taste using only vegan options. The restaurant does not use MSG. It also focuses on being environment-friendly and uses paid-by-weight buffet-style lunch to keep the food from wasting. Check out Affinity Vegetarian Gardens restaurant menu here.