Top 10 Restaurants vegan restaurants in San Diego, California, USA

Located strategically on the pacific coast of California, San Diego is famous for its charming beaches, friendly climate, art galleries, lush green gardens and a host of classic restaurants. While San Diego has continued to witness the proliferation of vegan restaurants few stand head and shoulder above others.

Here are the top 10 vegan restaurants in San Diego.

1. Veganic Thai Restaurant

Emerged as the best vegan restaurant in San Diego four consecutive times, this vegan restaurant belongs to a class of its own. The Veganic Thai Restaurant boasts of some of the most delicious plant-based menus in San Diego. Take a scoop from their organic vegan sweet mango rice, noodles, fried rice, soup and salad and be sure to spread the gospel that vegan menus can be as delicious as any other menu. Find Veganic Thai Restaurants menu here.


The amazing kindred experience is the combination of a healthy dose of veganism at its best, aesthetic and heavy metal music. Kindred offers vegan cocktails, meals and snacks like the soul-nourishing vegan barbeque sandwich, the popped corn, Memphis bbq jackfruit, homestay mac, wizard bowl salad etc. You can find all this and more in a restaurant inspired by pop culture in the coolest way. Check out KINDREDs vegan restaurant menu here.

3. Donna Jean

Established by one of America’s finest chefs, Roy Elam in honour of his mother Donna Jean who passed away from breast cancer complications, this multi-award-winning restaurant is your surest bet for amazing vegan meals in San Diego. Menus include house bread, handmade pasta and risotto, cheese and macs, award-winning pizzas and dessert and assorted beverages. Roy believes vegan diets can help prevent the growth of carcinogenic cells. Explore Donna Jean’s vegan restaurant menu here.

4. Plant power fast food

Plant power fast food was inspired by the firm belief that vegan diets devoid of animal products are crucial for sustainable earth for healthy people. For your vegan burgers of different sizes, small meals and sides, assorted drinks, place your order online and have them delivered to your doorstep. View Plant power fast foods vegan restaurant menu here.

5. Café Gratitude

The Cafe Gratitude features assorted varieties of vegan menus made from locally sourced ingredients. You can either take a seat and enjoy delicious vegan dishes like whole-wheat samosa chaat, roasted brussels sprouts and warm butternut squash from their restaurant or place an order online and have it delivered swiftly with gratitude. Check out Cafe Gratitudes restaurant menu here.

6. Trilogy Sanctuary

Dine at the Trilogy Sanctuary and maybe you can earn yourself a membership as part of the sanctuary for vegans. The combination of organic, environmentally sustainable food production processes and vegan diets with yoga allows you to nourish your body and mind at the same time. This fine vegan restaurant offers a dine-in experience. You can also place an order online if you prefer. Enjoy smoothies, acai and pitaya bowls, superfast boosts as you vibe to melodious music from the background. Explore Trilogy Sanctuary’s vegan restaurant menu here.

7. Evolution

The Evolution vegan restaurant is your one-stop center for delicious vegan meals. Enjoy a wide variety of vegan food and drinks ranging from smoothies and shakes, fresh juices made from organic juices, European styled deserts among other menus.  View Evolutions vegan restaurant menu here.

8. Loving Hut

Loving Hut is determined to save the world one vegan meal at a time. Menus items include Texas fries, Buffalo strips, crispy rolls, and salads. All western specialties are wholly made from fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.  Check out Loving Huts vegan restaurant menu here

9. Now sushi

Established in 2019 by the NoWorriesMovement, this restaurant will end your worries for the best vegan sushi in San Diego. You can also enjoy a wide variety of vegan sushi rolls, lettuce cups and salads from this amazing vegan restaurant. View Now Sushis restaurant menu here.

10. Native Foods

Offering delicious vegan menus like the chicken tender regular specially prepared with plant-based chicken with shredded cabbage and other plant-based ingredients is the forte of the Native foods. Do not let the plant-based chicken put you off, none of their menus contain animal products. Other menus to be enjoyed are the cauliflower dippers, salad and soups, entrees and burger combos. Check out Native Foods’ vegan restaurant menu here.