Top 10 Restaurants with vegan options in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Reputed as one of Canada’s most prosperous cities, Cowtown’s landscape is dotted with as many skyscrapers as vegan restaurants. Whether you are considering switching to plant-based diets or you simply want a green dining experience, here are the top 10 vegan restaurants in Calgary.

1. Veg in YYC

This vegan restaurant is on a mission to prove a point that contrary to popular belief, vegan menus are not boring. A simple taste from their assorted vegan menus like vegan butter chicken, veggitos, samosas, vegan boxes will have you agreeing that vegan menus are not boring. Order online and activate the dormant part of your taste bud with delicious vegan dishes. View Veg in YYC’s vegan restaurant menu here.

2. Hearts Choices

Since its recognition as the best vegan restaurant in Calgary for the year 2018, Heart Choices have continued to deliver high-quality vegan diets. This restaurant seems hell-bent to prove that vegans are not missing out on ditching animal-based diets and products. Order online and enjoy a nourishing assortment of vegan menus like fruits salads, organic coffee, vegan French toast specially served with coconut whip cream, smoky tangy carrot among other mouth-watering menus. View Hearts Choices vegan restaurant menu here.

3. Vegan Street

Drive-in and treat yourself to a wide array of vegan meals that are professionally served in the vegan street’s restaurant. Alternatively, you can place an order online and have it delivered to your doorstep.  Menus include burgers, mac & cheeze, tacos, assorted wines and drinks just to mention a few. Vegan Street has been nominated by Avenue magazine as the best restaurant in 2021. If you are keen on finding why they have been nominated the time is now.  Check out Vegan Street vegan restaurant menu here.

4. Himalayan Restaurant

Named after the tallest mountain in the world, the Himalayan restaurant offers you Nepalese cuisines on the plate of veganism. You can either drive in to enjoy delicious,  high-quality vegan dishes or place an order online. Himalayan restaurant’s interior décor and their vegan menu have one thing in common, they will always keep you coming back for more.  Explore Himalayan Restaurants vegan menu here.

5. SaVeg Café

Consistently ranked as one of Calgary’s best vegan restaurants, the SaVeg café is a mix of traditional Korean cuisines and vegan cooking. The goal is to offer a healthy, organic plant-based meal to everyone in Calgary. SaVeg’s delicious menus include scramble tofu, vegan no egg benedict, spicy chick’un bowl, vegan bulgogi just to mention a few.  Check out SaVeg Cafe’s vegan restaurant menu here.

6. Tamarind Vietnamese Grill and Noodle House

Dinning at this family-owned vegan restaurant allows you to enjoy traditional Vietnamese vegan dishes specially made from generational secret recipes. Since they transitioned to offering full-scale vegan dishes in 2015, they have continued to introduce new menus to their beautiful vegan mix. Look no further than Vietnamese grill and noodle house for your preservative-free noodles and tofu, curry soup, fried spring rolls just to mention a few. View Tamarind Vietnamese grill and noodle house’s restaurant menu here.

7. Oasis Juice and Nutrition Bar

This vegan restaurant will certainly whet your appetite for vegan dishes and drinks. Treat yourself to a locally sourced salad bowl, organic juices, vegan burgers, and sandwiches from this restaurant and thank your stars that you went vegan. Check out Oasis Juice and Nutrition Bars menu here.

8. Dirtbelly

Dirtbelly boasts of a wide buffet of vegan menus to choose from. It is apt to call them the vegan’s paradise. Menus items to enjoy include sweet and sips garnished with grains and leaves, soup sides and sandwiches, warm bowls and freshly tossed salad all made from specially selected plant-based ingredients.  Explore Dirtbelly’s restaurant menu here.

9. Fork and Salad

Borne out of the strong desire to make healthy food affordable to everyone, Fork and salad offer some of the most affordable vegan dishes in Calgary. A commitment to environmentally sustainable agricultural practices ensures that only vegan dishes are served without compromising on quality and affordability.  This restaurant is your surest bet for vegan fast food and salad.   Check out Fork and Salads vegan restaurant menu here

10. Broken City

Unfortunately, you may need to specify when placing orders from the broken City as they have options for our non-vegan friends. Their vegan options include a vegan breakfast bowl and hash browns, chickpea fries, falafel wrap, and grilled veggie salad.   View Broken Citys restaurant menu here.