Top Restaurants with vegan options in Orlando, Florida

Orlando caters to a vast variety of people from around the world. While it’s famous for its theme parks, it’s also home to a good number of heavenly restaurants. From lavish dining to street food, Orlando is bustling with restaurants to cater to every foodie’s needs. Whether you are a vegan or just in search of vegan-friendly options in Orlando, Florida, you’re at the right place.

Here’s our list of the top 10 vegan restaurants in Orlando. From starters to complete meals, you’ll find everything here.

1. Veggie Garden

This Vietnamese Cuisine is the perfect stop for all your vegan cravings. Veggie Garden has a nice collection of delectable vegan options; from spring rolls to soup broths, and more. However, some items may contain eggs, so be sure to check that out. If you’re in Orlando, don’t forget to give their special soup made from a mixture of vegetables and fruits a try. View Veggie Gardens restaurant menu here.

2. Lazy Moon

Too lazy to go out? Order in from Lazy Moon. The delicious pizza parlor has one main purpose; let its customers eat, drink, and be lazy! Lazy Moon brings you a variety of vegan pizza options and some delicious sides to give your taste buds a fresh taste of Orlando. The perfect place for a quick bite! View Lazy Moons restaurant menu here.

3. Ethos Vegan Kitchen

A 100% vegan restaurant that strives to provide its customer with healthy meals at reasonable pricing; Ethos Vegan Kitchen is undoubtedly one of the best vegan restaurants you’ll find here. Located north of downtown Orlando, it’s the perfect spot to fix yourself a hearty meal whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The meals are made from scratch daily to serve you freshness embossed in deliciousness. Check out Ethos Vegan Kitchen restaurant menu here.

4. Leguminati

Bring your long day at Universal Studios to an end with Leguminati. The delectable menu offers a variety of vegan wraps and tasty wine to finish your day just right.  Located in the Hourglass District, Leguminati brings you the perfect combination of a vegan diet with mock meat to brighten up your taste buds with delicious wraps. Explore Leguminati’s restaurant menu here.

5. Black Bean Deli

Black Bean Deli serves you flavorful Cuban cuisine to brighten up your day. The restaurant offers a cool interior with indoor and outdoor serving services. The menu entails both meat and vegan options, so be sure to ask for vegan when placing your order. View Black Bean Deli’s restaurant menu here.

6. Tako Cheena

Tako Cheena has the best fusion tacos to offer its customers. It has vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free options to cater a variety of people. In our opinion, this might be the best surprise Orlando has to offer. It’s reasonable, offers a variety of creative fusion flavors in tacos, burritos, hot dogs, and more. It’s great for a quick meal or even to catch up with someone special.  Check out Tako Cheena’s restaurant menu here.

7. Sus Hi Eatstation

This cozy and homely eat station serves delicious food to enthrall its diners to always want to come back here. Sus Hi Eatstation was built with an aim to provide a unique and creative touch to the regular sushi. The menu has a variety of vegan options, and some more to customize; vegan burritos, bowls, flavorful sauces this place is hard to let you down. View Sus Hi Eatstations restaurant menu here.

8. Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine

This is Orlando’s premium Turkish dining experience. With mouthwatering Turkish cuisine, Bosphorus offers a variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and halal options to manage each of its customer’s cravings. This isn’t to be missed. Get the taste and feel of authentic Turkish hospitality while enjoying delectable meals here.  Explore Bosphorus Turkish Cuisines restaurant menu here.

9. Too Much Sauce

Too Much Sauce aims to enrich your taste buds with delicious saucy flavors, which would make you want to keep coming back for some more. The menu is 100% gluten-free with a variety of vegan options. However, you can also get a customized bowl according your requirements. View Too Much Sauce’s restaurant menu here.

10. Domu

Founded in 2016, Domu specializes in serving house-made noodles to satisfy your hunger pangs. The menu entails a variety of delicious ramen dishes, their specially created flavorful cocktails, and some delectable vegetarian items to refreshen your taste buds. Be aware that Domu does not take reservations, so arrive early to get your seated on time! View Domu’s restaurant menu here.