Top Vegan Burgers in Toronto

You may want to reconsider your stance if you think burgers without animal products are boring and tasteless. The city of Toronto boasts of a great number of chefs that have mastered the art of making vegan burgers. Getting your hands on some of these burgers may activate the vegetarian side you never thought existed. This perhaps explains the steep rise in plant-based burgers in Toronto over the last few decades. Below are the top ten vegan burgers to end your search for delicious burgers in Hogtown.

1. Planta Burger
Whetting customers’ appetite with delicious plant-based burgers is the forte of Planta Burger. Located at 4 Temperance Street, Toronto, Planta Burger is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality burgers. Planta Burger opens every day of the week excluding Sundays. Their services can be accessed between the hours of 11:30 am and 9 pm. Customers can choose from Classic, Kentucky, Califonia, Southwest Banh Mi and Truffle Burgers. View Planta Burger’s vegan burger menu options here.

2. The Hogtown Vegan on College
This top-notch plant-based restaurant burger shop boasts some of the most fantastic burgers you can find anywhere in Canada. Located at 382 College St, Toronto, this bugger shop is open for take-out only. The high demand for their premium burger is a testament that vegans are not missing out on mouth-watering buggers. View The Hogtown Vegan on College’s vegan burger menu options here.

3. Union Social Eatery
Union Social Eatery boasts of some of the most expansive cocktails and menus in Canada. Their delicious West Coast Veggie Burger stands out from their assorted menus like the moon at night. The West Coast Veggie Burger is a recipient of several awards making it the delight of vegans and non-vegans. Customers can book a reservation for parties or enjoy a quiet time in their modest eatery. View Union Social Eatery’s vegan burger menu options here.

4. Globally Local
With several other outlets across Canada, Globally Local has its headquarters on 492 College Street, Toronto. Now known as Odd Burger, this plant-based burger shop offers premium services every day of the week. Globally Local opens between the hours of 11 am and 8 pm on Mondays to Fridays. Customers are however restricted to the hours between 10 am and 9 pm on weekends. View Globally Local’s vegan burger menu options here.

5. Parka food co
Parka Food Co is your one-stop center for artificial preservative-free, plant-based and gluten-free burgers. Parka Food Co’s strict adherence to environmentally sustainable production processes establishes it as an industry leader. A bite from their burger filled with GMO-free ingredients served on a wheat bun will keep you craving for more. View Parka Food Co’s vegan burger menu options here.

6. The Burger’s Priest
The Burger’s priest introduced their first-ever plant-based burger called the Daniel Burger some few years ago. The Daniel burger is made by experienced chefs with proven expertise in combining animal-free ingredients for a yummy result. A secrete combination of specially selected spices, vegetables and herbs make the Daniel Burger one of the best in Toronto. View The Burger’s Priest’s vegan burger menu options here.

7. LOV
LOV is a fully vegan restaurant located at 620 King St West suite 102 Toronto Canada. Their big LOV burger has nothing but soul-nourishing sweetness for customers. Prepared with specially made sauce and vegan mozzarella, this veggie cheeseburger is packed with healthy non-diary nutrients. Customers can either make reservations online or take advantage of their fast delivery for home service. View LOV’s vegan burgers menu options here.

8. Fresh Restaurants
Fresh restaurants have been nourishing Canadians with plant-based food since 1999. Their soft, creamy, and energizing Cheeseburger can be ordered through their website or app every day of the week. Get the best of Fresh Restaurant’s cheeseburger by adding their fresh juice to the menu.View Fresh Restaurants vegan burger menu options here.

9. Hero Certified Burgers
Located on 100 Queen St Toronto, Hero Certified Burgers is one of the latest entrants into the plant-based burger game. Garnished with portobello mushrooms, lettuce, sauteed onions specially served on a multigrain bun, Hero Certified Burgers is one of Toronto’s best. View Hero Certified Burgers vegan burger menu options here.

10. Doomie’s
Doomie’s burgers are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients from plant sources. Customers enjoy free parking on their facilities from Mondays to Thursdays of every week. You may check their social media handles to place your order as their website is nothing to write home about. View Doomies’s vegan burger menu options here.

While vegan buggers are full of calories, you need not panic, plant-based calories are healthy. Check out for more information on the top vegan burgers the beautiful city of Toronto has to offer