Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in British Columbia

Being vegan is tough, but it’s getting better all the time with new restaurants offering more and more healthy plant-based options. If you want to taste some really delicious vegan food, we have sourced out for you the best vegan restaurants across British Columbia. Whether you are a healthy and organic food lover, or a vegan “junk food” lover, there are many options for you below.

1. Virtuous Pie, Vancouver, BC $$
Who knew vegan pizza could be so good! Virtuous Pie is a highly rated vegan restaurant based mostly on Italian cuisine, focusing mainly on pizza pies. It is suitable for vegans, but it also offers a variety of organic, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes too. Virtuous Pie has a second location in Victoria, British Columbia and also has a restaurant in Portland, Oregon. View Virtuous Pie’s vegan menu here.

2. The Very Good Butchers, Victoria, BC $$
The name says it all – a restaurant for true Vegan foodies, and “junk food” lovers. On the menu, you can find all types of “meaty” foods made entirely from plants. They have everything you could want, from tacos, burgers and hot dogs to delicious salads. You can also buy “butchered” vegan meat to go such as vegan burgers, steaks and hot dogs produced by them every day. View The Very Good Butchers’ vegan menu here.

3. Rawthentic Eatery, Courtenay, BC $$
Rawthentic Eatery is based on vegan raw food, which offers vegan burgers, wraps, noodles and tacos. Try out their warm bowls and soups, which are their trademark. They also offer a wide range of fresh juices and healthy smoothies that are sure to keep you coming back for more. View Rawthentic Eatery’s vegan menu here.

4. Eve Olive, Nanaimo, BC $$
Eve Olive is highly rated by Vegan lovers, because it offers all the long-missed flavours, such as vegan bbq, soups, vegan cheese, ravioli, soups and delicious desserts. If you are thirsty, they also offer a wide range of local wines and beers. Kindly note that this restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. View Eve Olive’s vegan menu here.

5. Roots Modern Health Food, Castlegar, BC $$
The name says it all, going back to the roots, meaning – healthy, vegan and raw. They are buying whole foods from local producers in order to provide always fresh ingredients with convenient origins. Everything on the menu has interesting textures and colourful plates all of which have become trademark aspects of this vegan restaurant. View Roots Modern Health Food’s vegan menu here.

6. Plantitude, Ladysmith, BC $$
Plantitude is a 100% plant-based restaurant. All ingredients are collected locally, as well as drinks from local wineries and breweries. Their desserts are super tasty and come highly recommended. You also can’t go wrong with any of their signature dishes. Plantitude is situated in a very nice location and has a very pleasant ambience. They have a plan of making stargazer bubbles for outdoor private dining under the sky, which you can check on their website for availability. View Plantitude’s vegan menu here.

7. Naked Cafe, Kelowna, BC $$
In Naked Cafe you will find all meals 100% plant-based. They offer a variety of different meals, such as salads or vegan meat, even oil-free dishes. There are more than 25 gluten-free dishes on the menu, seasonal soup and desserts are a must-try in Naked Cafe. During the weekend, you can enjoy in their vegan brunch with your friends. View Naked Cafe’s vegan menu here.

8. Sprout Plant Based Eatery, Nelson, BC $$
Sprout Plant-Based Eatery offers a fusion of all types of cuisines – from Greek “souvlaki” to Asian and American food classics. Dishes are colourful, rich in flavour and texture. You can accompany them with their fresh smoothies and cocktails. View Sprout Plant Based Eatery’s vegan menu here.

9. Green Moustache Organic Cafe, Squamish, BC $$
A 100% plant-based, gluten-free, organic, healthy restaurant that offers fresh ingredients and tasty meals. They offer healthy and large size breakfast bowls, you can also try out hot bowls, wraps and salads. Not only do they have tons of amazing and tasty vegan dishes, but their smoothies and desserts are also a must if you plan to visit Green Moustache any time soon. View Green Moustache Organic Cafe’s vegan menu here.

10. Lotus Seed Vegan, Vancouver, BC $$
If you’re in Vancouver you have to try Lotus Seed Vegan restaurant which offers a wide array of international food, with a hint of Asian fusion. The vegan omelettes come highly recommended if you’re in the mood for breakfast. All dishes are healthy and very nourishing, and most of them are gluten-free. They also offer their own vegan products that you can buy at the restaurant and prepare at your home. View Lotus Seed Vegan’s vegan menu here.